Unknown killers murder female teacher in Osun

Adejoke bakare


“She is my younger sister, I want Justice to be served to whoever found responsible for her murder”. Those were the agony of an elder brother who just lost a younger sister who was in her prime age to merciless killer.

The town of Ejigbo and the family of Olugbodi,  was thrown into a deep mourning on Friday, 5th of October, 2018 when the news of one their daughters,  Mrs Yemisi Atanda’s death broke out.

www.newstracker.com.g learnt from the elder brother of the deceased through a phone conversation that she was murdered in a cold blood on that faithful day. Although the exact time of the murder couldn’t be ascertain because her corpse was discovered long after her death.

But her corpse which was said to have been found very close to the door probably while trying to escape from the people who attacked and later killed when they caught up with her explained it all.

It was mentioned that her killer did not speared her soul to depart peacefully as she was chopped,cut and slashed in the head in four different places including her hand.

Before her demise, Yemisi  was said to be a teacher in Rehoboth Nursery and Primary School,  in Ejigbo, a town in Osun state. Her elder brother, Yomi Olugbogi who resident in Jos described his sister as one of the most uncompromisingly born again Christian, hence himself and others including the family members couldn’t come to term with the reason for her to have been killed in such a barbaric way.

According to him the mother of one is better described as, “an epitome of humility combined with passion and love to her parents, families, colleagues and neighbours”.


As at the press time the husband was not also readily available to speak to anyone. He might probably be reacting to the sudden demise of his wife which is still very fresh. And just like the late wife , Mr. Atanda, is also a teacher at Ore, Ondo state.

According to the information gathered, it hasn’t been an easy thing to say in particular the reason she was murdered.

Effort put together to reach and speak to the DPO in charge of  the only Police Station at Ejigbo to have a feel about the reason behind the murder met a brick wall as at the press time.

And when we try to talk to the parents we were advised not to. Because no one has been able to break the  news of Yemisi’s death to her aged parents because she is the only one around taking care of them since others are leaving far away.

Meanwhile, we gathered that her corpse has been deposited at the mortuary on Friday night pending the time the involved,



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